Five generations in the wood sector

What drives our company, E. Vigolungo SpA, to innovate production, update manufacturing techniques, and improve marketing methods is the passion for technological innovation which the members of the Vigolungo family have been handing down from generation to generation.

A wood culture that combines industrial mentality with a willingness to constantly and deeply study all aspects of wood and its technologies, as well as with care for the environment through the use of environmentally friendly technologies and products.

Vigolungo Giovanni: in the second half of the 19th century he is an active joiner artisan in Benevello, a village in Alba’s High Langhe district. Following the crisis of the first Post War period, his son, Vigolungo Pietro, (1882-1932) leaves this village in 1919 in order to move to Borbore, a more dynamic town situated between Turin and Alba. Here Pietro develops a remarkable activity in the handmade furniture sector specializing in Piedmontese Baroque bedroom furniture. When he already employs about twenty workers, he tragically dies under a stack of drying wood boards leaving his son, Emilio, then only 17 years old.

Vigolungo Emilio (1915-2004): he is the one who is able to turn the family’s handicraft business into an industrial one. Even though his activity is hindered by the war (he is an artillery man in the “Cuneense” Battalion during the French and Albanian Campaigns), in 1947, after opening a shop at Canale d’Alba, he moves his production to a new plant ,always in Canale, where kitchen furniture and wardrobes are produced. The firm goes on growing until the mid-60’s (more than 50 workers), but in the meantime, Emilio thinks of diversifying the activity so in a new plant he starts the production of plywood, which, being more mechanized, requires less specialized labour. In fact, in those booming years, all the best workers are attracted by Fiat that hires more and more people.

Towards the end of 1966, Emilio’s son, Vigolungo Pietro, joins the firm. Having acquired a good theoretical knowledge at the École Supérieure du Bois in Paris, he brings in new technology, therefore all his efforts concentrate on the new production of plywood and multi-layer panels. After getting over difficult periods, the firm gets bigger and bigger and by using more competitive equipment and technologies, throughout the 80’s and the 90’s it increases and enriches production consequently diversifying markets and sales sectors.

The latest Vigolungo generation, Pietro’s children, are joining the Company one after the other:

Emilio Vigolungo: Since 1997 in the Marketing Department, he is in charge with the domestic and foreign markets. At present he is the firm’s CEO

Vera Vigolungo: After graduation she had important work experiences at big Companies both in Italy and abroad. Since April 2004, she has been responsible for the Administration and the Personnel Departments. At present she is the firm’s Financial Manager.

Stefano Vigolungo: at the end of his studies in Wood Technologies at Florence’s Faculty of Agriculture, he will join the Production Department after a work experience abroad at a firm in the same line of business. At present he is a member of the Company’s Board of Directors.

With its production plant and warehouse as well its domestic sales department, IN.CO Industria Compensati, has been in the wood sector for over 40 years.

In January 2006 IN.CO. merged with E.Vigolungo S.p.A. with the objective to further expand their exports and to increase their range of products.