Vigolungo has long produced plywood for packaging. Plywood is used in all types of packaging which requires light weight together with long-lasting durability and robustness, even under conditions of frequent moving.

Packaging and packaging constructions using plywood panels have multiple benefits:

  • they are lightweight,
  • durability,
  • robustness: boxes for packaging constructed from poplar plywood resist high pressures. This enabling protect goods, even the most fragile ones,
  • no deformation in the packaging, including during movement,
  • certified for use with dangerous goods,
  • compliance with phytosanitary regulations (ideal for use with foods such as wine and cheese),
  • ability to customize packages,
  • reusable and able to be recycled.

Also, Vigolungo guarantees packaging producers that all wood used in their plywood is sustainably produced, FSC certified (a product containing wood from forests managed correctly and responsibly and according to strict environmental, social and economic standards) and PEFC certified (production of plywood from sustainably managed poplar forests).

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