Our values, our strength

Our values, our strength


The passion for wood and the respect for the environment always characterize our family and they have been handed down from one generation to another. They represent our strength and allowed us to reach important goals, we can strictly declare that we based on them to build our future and our company growth.

For Vigolungo S.p.A. sustainability means responsibility. Our products are 100% Made in Italy and they are the result of an eco-friendly process. They are made of raw materials purchased directly in northern Italy and manufactured in our plant based in Canale. They are recyclable, reusable, with low formaldehyde emissions, FSC & PEFC certified.

We believe that companies must be extremely careful concerning the environmental impacts of their processes. With this belief we oriented our choices towards this philosophy building step by step what we are nowadays.

Needs of a market that continue to change oblige us to consider more actions towards a sustainable development. That’s the reason why we have chosen to undertake a new adventure, to reach a more ambitious goal: climate neutrality.

With the support of expert partners we have begun to measure CO2 emissions of our activities and products, we have developed Life Cycle Assessment studies and acquired other environmental certifications.

Further we have decided to start a sustainability management process aimed at integration ESG principles in the counting and management.

Our objective is keeping on high quality products for our customers and stakeholders, products that come from passion and respect for the environment in compliance with new and future market parameters, respecting Planet Earth and current European regulations.