Air-cooled condenser

A New Milestone in Our Journey Towards Sustainability

We have made a choice that involves continuous evolution. Sustainability is a goal, and there are multiple strategies to achieve it. In this journey, we decided to start using of an air-cooled condenser: a cutting-edge device in the field of energy efficiency technology, that plays a significant role.

Thanks to the valuable contribution of TZT Mechanical Constructions, a significant thermomechanical engineering company, which was already chosen in the past for other important Vigolungo projects, the new air-cooled condenser has had a substantial impact on our production since its first use. Let’s explore how and why.

What is an Air-cooled Condenser?

An air-cooled condenser is a device that transforms steam into water. When in use, it captures the steam generated from industrial processes and, using ambient air, it condenses back the steam into liquid form. To put it simply, this machinery prevents steam from being released into the air, allowing the water to be recovered and reused.

How Does it Work?

Although it may seem complicated, the operating system of the air-cooled condenser is quite simple (as well as effective). The device captures steam. Through an air cooling process, the steam is turned back into water. This procedure (condensation) reduces water resource the waste of water resource, as it allows for the recovery and reuse of water in order to fuel the production facility.
Just a few figures are enough to fully understand the extent of this innovation for our company: if before we started using of the air-cooled condenser, the daily water consumption at Vigolungo was about 120 cubic meters, today it is around 18 – 20.

The Advantages of using the Air-cooled Condenser

Using an air-cooled condenser like the one at Vigolungo brings significant benefits, for both the environment and for the company itself.

  • Lower Water Consumption

    We are well aware of how the water crisis of the last two years has impacted on productive activities. The air-cooled condenser ensures a significant reduction in the consumption of this precious resource.

  • Greater Energy Efficiency

    The air-cooled condenser reduces the amount of thermal energy wasted, using it effectively. This contributes to decrease the impact of working processes on the environment.

  • Reduced Environmental Impact

    Lower steam emissions into the atmosphere correspond to a significant reduction in the environmental impact of industrial processes.

The reuse of water recovered by the air-cooled condenser, and therefore the thermal content of the water itself, enables an annual saving of about 3,000 MWh of thermal energy and helps to avoid a consumption of more than 1,000 tons of biomass fuel.

A Step Forward along the way towards to Sustainability

Our company has consciously chosen to take a path towards sustainability. Starting to use the air-cooled condenser testifies to Vigolungo’s concrete and proactive attitude about this topic. We strive to preserve natural resources, for future generations and for the territory that hosts us. We do this wholeheartedly in a structured way, to transform the very idea of productivity. We do it for a precise reason, something we deeply believe in: the responsibility.

Piedmontese Pride

Our family has always had a deep bond with Piedmont, with the Langhe region. Our company was founded here, more than a century ago, and here we intend to stay. We remain faithful to our origins and to a style that distinguishes us: the ability to combine innovation and tradition, with the desire to show that technological progress can go hand in hand with respect for the environment and for our community.